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Continuous discovery

The agile way of ensuring level flow is via slicing of the backlog. However, this is not easy to do. We do spikes to learn more and then use that information to create roughly equally sized chunks of stories. I

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Effective retrospectives

As time goes by, one key observation from team retrospectives is – the core issues do not seem to surface during retrospectives. Most of the issues are superficial or “it was all the the other teams fault”. Two key reasons

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Agile fluency

Recently saw a video of a keynote speech at XP2013 by James Shore, wherein he described the Agile fluency model that Diana Larsen and he put together. One of the key things James emphasized is, this is NOT a maturity

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Improvement theme

In a typical Scrum retrospective, the team identifies remedial action and then tries those in the upcoming sprint. But sometimes, the teams encounter large issues for which the solutions can span over multiple sprints. For example, the team might encounter

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Stop the line

One of the common examples of “Stop the line” principle is, the usage of continuous integration in the agile world. Continuous integration, halts a build if there are test failures. And the onus is on the team to fix it

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