“How many bed sheets?”

“How many bed sheets? What about hospital gowns?” This was the pertinent conversation between the nurses from the intensive care unit and the regular hospital room where the patient was headed. The only question I have is – what about the patient? Isn’t that the reason the hospital exists?

bed-sheetsThis occurred during the handoff between two departments at a hospital. To their credit the nurses did exchange information about the patients condition, specific pecks needs etc. which were also documented. However, the bigger concern was if all the relevant hospital equipment like patient clothing was accounted for. The nurses were fined the cost of a lost bed sheet, gown etc. Is that the right area to focus? We do not want to lose equipment, but isn’t the valuable thing to do in this situation is to ensure the patient is transitioned correctly and she is on her way to speedy recovery?



Think about it. Whenever you have a “hand off” what are you arguing about? The artefacts that create a representation of the real thing or the real thing? If it’s the former, is that the most valuable thing to your customer?


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